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Creative multi-award winning design director with experience in art direction, visual design, UI, UX, graphic design, print, photography, packaging, and trade show graphics. I've also collaborated in marketing and IT as a Creative Technical Director, which is instrumental for digital design projects.


I strive to achieve solutions that communicate to your target audience while standing out above the rest. I've helped launched multi-million dollar marketing ventures and lauched a campaign that earned a client a spot in the "NJ Fast 50" as one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in the state of New Jersey with the growth of 356% in one year. My design specialties are:

  • Design Direction: Branding, Campaigns, Logos, Ads, Brochures, Sell Sheets, Promotional Materials, Mailers, Invitations, Media Books, Displays, and Packaging.
  • Visual Design: UI, UX, Prototyping, Wireframing, Visual Design, Beta Testing and Web Advertising
  • Graphics: Print Production, Trade Show Display Design, Photo Retouching, Sales Kits, and Innovative Print Design.
  • Photography & Video Direction: Commercial Photography, Art Direction, Storyboarding, and Animated Ads
  • Project 365 Photographer

Industries & Companies

  • • Construction & Engineering: MTA Construction & Developement, STV, Inc., WSP USA, Inc.
  • • Fashion: Ana Segura
  • • Fitness: CrossFit
  • • Flavors: Ungerer & Company
  • • Grocery Manfacturing & Food Processing: Best Foods, Champignon, and Kraft Foods
  • • Materials & Manufacturing: ECI Technology, Inc. and GAF
  • • Commercial Real Estate: New York City Commercial Real Estate Corporations
  • • Retail: A&P, Food Emporium, Home Depot, Lowes, SuperFresh, and Walbaums


  • Design Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Design
  • Photography


Finding solutions to your problem may not be as easy as it seems. Creativity is the driving force
that keeps me sharp and focused on the resolution of a project.
No matter how hard the task is, staying creative will always lead to outstanding results.


My collection of work represents the wide range of skills I've developed including: art direction, graphic design, color correction, sample design, photography, and motion graphics direction.
America Logo Bike

GAF Made In America Custom Bike Logo

Orange County Choppers
custom GAF bike logo
View Work
Lifetime EasyPro

Lifetime EasyPro

Lifetime System portable display
with video presentation inside
View Work
Wedding Invite

Wedding Invite

Wedding invite created inspired by a
steampunk theme wedding
View Work
December Promotion

TPO Mailer

GAF TPO Mailer
video brochure and sample presenatation
View Work
DuraLife Collection

DuraLife Collection Branding

DuraLife Collection new launch
branding and collateral
View Work
Feinberg Brothers CD Artwork

Feinberg Brothers CD Artwork

CD artwork for folk band Feinberg Brothers
Photography by 322 Studio
View Work
Grand Noir Ad

Grand Noir Ad

Launch ad for the new
Grand Noir gourmet cheese
View Work
Glenwood Poster

Glenwood Poster

Launch poster for P-O-P
in-store display
View Work
GAF Retail Packaging

GAF Retail Packaging

GAF series of packaging for major retail stores
View Work
Champignon Cheese Ad

Champignon Ad
Living on the Wedge

Cheese advertisement for various cheese brands
placed for Fairway Supermarkets
View Work
Fitness Center Logo

The Voice Logo

The Voice Logo for a KPMG Sponsored Event
View Work
GAF Harley Davidson Promotion

GAF Made In America Campaign

Campaign to push GAF's patriotism
and their "Made In America" products
View Work
TruSlate Brochure

TruSlate Brochure

TruSlate relaunch brochure was created after
TruSlate expanded its product line
View Work
TruSlate Accessory Box

TruSlate Accessory Box (Mailer)

Created as a self-mailer with miniature TruSlate genuine slates and accessories
View Work
Perfect Little One Logo

Perfect Little One Logo

Perfect Little One logo was designed for
Ana Segura's line of swimwear and tees
View Work

Promotional Video

Digital advertising display video for Timberline shingles
(Art Director)
View Work
Buy More Get More Promo Video

Buy More Get More Roof System Promotion

Digital advertising display video GAF's roofing system
(Art Director)
View Work
TruSlate Promo Video

TruSlate Relaunch Promotional Video

TruSlate relaunch promotional video
(Art Director)
View Work


Through OUT my years of experience, I've faced a lot of challenges with various projects.
No matter how difficult the challenge is, the dedication to create the perfect solution is what I strive for.


I've earned various awards from GD USA, Gold Ink, and the New Jersey Art Director's Club.


Creativity comes naturally when challenges arise.
Motivation is what drives me to move forward to find effective solutions.


My expertise includes extensive knowledge of print, digital media, and advanced knowledge of Mac OSX. All of these skills are a tremendous asset to critial thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

Design History

  • Work
Creative and strategic thinking Design Director with 10+ years of branding and design experience. Strengths in visualization and technology with the ability to communicate marketing visions and solve problems. Designs led to New Jersey Fast 50 ranking and $2 billion dollars in company growth. (more...)


Design Director/Graphic Support (Architecture & Engineering Level VII)
Second Avenue Subway Phase 2 / Ashoka Consulting, LLC.
MTA Capital Construction, STV, and WSP
New York, NY

  • Supported Second Avenue Subway architecture, engineering, and geotechnical departments with creation of graphics for the infrastructure project and MTA community outreach programs

  • Created presentations for governmental and public consumption

  • Produced illustrations and photo composites for future subway stations

  • Design Director – Consultant
    Ballard Studio
    Dumont, NJ

  • Freelance design consultant for clients including Champignon, Kraft Heinz, and Crossfit. Industries include transportation, manufacturing, foods, fashion, non-profits, technology, and fitness

  • Projects include branding, digital design, marketing management, advertising, packaging, marketing & sales kits, website management, content management, promotions, billboards, mailers, wireframing, trade show displays, e-mail blasts, server migration planning, and website development management

  • Art Director & Sr. Graphic Designer/Creative Technical Director
    GAF Materials Corporation
    Parsippany, NJ

  • Lead team of designers, managed multiple projects, and acquired creative talent for a $4 billion-dollar manufacturer

  • Increased company revenue by working on innovative new product launches ranging from $500 thousand to $9 million in sales the first quarter

  • Managed all marketing, sales, and design collateral for print, advertising, packaging, sales kits and digital design projects. Projects include branding, retail design, P-O-P displays, trade show displays, web graphics, photo retouching and compositing, promotional media, UI and UX design of innovative mobile presentation tools

  • Developed departmental digital workflow to increase productivity and improve communication between the creative and marketing departments

  • Responsible for art direction of photo shoots, as well as color correction of all photography

  • Collaborated with copy writing team to ensure communication of benefit-oriented messaging reached target audiences

  • Served as a mentor for all designers on the team. Promoted teamwork by instituting creative meetings that inspired the design team to brainstorm, share ideas, and critique work

  • Liaison between creative department and IT departments to resolve issues with servers, file management, file access, software, and digital asset management to ensure efficient workflow and productivity for the design

    • Skills
    I have a vast knowledge of design applications, color, technology, and technical skills. (more...)


  • Design Direction & Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding & Brand Identity
  • Campaigns
  • Presentations
  • Retail Design
  • UI and UX Design
  • Photography
  • Photo Retouching & Photo Compositing
  • Prepress Production & Color Correction
  • Computer Illustration
  • App Prototyping & Beta Testing
  • Wireframing & Workflows


  • Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Copywriting
  • Communication
  • Applications

  • Adobe® Photoshop
  • Adobe® InDesign
  • Adobe® Illustrator
  • Adobe® Acrobat (Advanced Functionality)
  • Adobe® XD
  • Adobe® Dreamweaver
  • Adobe® Bridge
  • Adobe® Camera RAW
  • Knowledge of Adobe® Premiere
  • Microsoft® Office Suite
  • Microsoft® Visio
  • Sketch
  • iOS & Android
  • HTML & Knowledge of CSS
  • Video Production and Compression

    • Awards
    DESIGN AWARDS LIST (more...)

    2017 In-house Graphic Design Awards
    • EverGuard Extreme Mailer
    • Lifetime Roofing System EasyPro Sample Kit

    2016 American Graphic Design Awards
    • GAF Executive Conference Rooms
    • Glenwood Brochure
    • Glenwood Poster

    2016 In-house Graphic Design Awards
    • Glenwood Brochure
    • Glenwood Show Graphics

    2015 American Inhouse Design Awards
    • GAF Executive Conference Rooms

    2014 American Graphic Design Awards
    • Matrix® Asphaltic Roofing Solutions Brochure

    2014 American Inhouse Design Awards
    • IRE Digital Displays
    • Matrix® Asphaltic Roofing Solutions Brochure
    • TOPCOAT® Splash Ad
    • TOPCOAT® Product Catalog
    • TruSlate® Brochure

    2013 American In-house Graphic Design Awards
    • Sienna Advertisement
    • TruSlate Proposal Kit

    2012 American Graphic Design Awards
    • 50 Free Squares Promotion
    • American Harvest Brochure

    2012 Gold Ink Awards
    • Grand Slate "Storybook" Brochure

    2011 American Graphic Design Awards
    • DuraLife™ Full Line Brochure
    • DuraLife Siesta Collection Brochure

    2011 Inhouse Design Awards
    • DuraLife™ Brochure
    • DuraLife™ Display
    • DuraLife™ Siesta Ad
    • Everguard® TPO Colors Ad
    • Habitat For Humanity Brochure
    • Timberline® Ad Series

    2010 Inhouse Design Awards
    • DuraLife Sell Sheet
    • Green Machine Packaging

    2011 GAF Business Impact Award
    • Employee of the year for outstanding achievements toward business success

    2011 American Package Design Awards
    • DuraLife™ Decking Display

    2010 American Package Design Awards
    •TruSlate Sample Box

    2005—2009 Graphic Design USA Awards
    • Commercial Shingle Brochure
    • Company Integration Insert
    • GAF-Elk Accessories Packaging
    • Gardenscapes Promotional Series
    • Lifetime Designer Shingle Brochures (Series)
    • Premium Shingle Brochures (Series)
    • TruSlate® Sales Kit
    • TruSlate® Accessories Packaging

    2007 ADCNJ Award Certificate Of Excellence
    • GAF-Elk Accessories Packaging


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